3 Comments Jose Mourinho Comes Against Liverpool Game

3 Comments Jose Mourinho Comes Against Liverpool Game

Jose Mourinho will lead the Manchester United squad to Anfield Stadium, Liverpool headquarters on Saturday (14/10/2017). The advanced Premier League 2017-2018 is very important for the fleet of Jose Mourinho in order to keep the competition with Manchester City.

Currently Manchester United are in the runners-up position standings, under Manchester City. Both teams from Manchester city has a collection of the same points, 19. However, Manchester United lost on goal difference, so it is ranked 2nd.

As a result, if you want to continue to peep opportunities at the top of the standings, Manchester United must reap three points at Liverpool headquarters. Manchester United has capital in that direction, at least in terms of traditions and individual game statistics.

Statistics show, Liverpool never win on the last six games contra Manchester United in the Premier League stage, with the results of two series and four defeats. The record became the worst after the 2004-2008 period, when the Reds failed to win eight seasons.

Individually, Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku is in the best condition. If playing, Lukaku could be the first player to score eight goals in eight games early in the Premier League stage with Manchester United.

Here are some comments Jose Mourinho ahead of the game counter Liverpool:

1.Three Points

“This game is just three points, it happens every season, and I ask why they like to call our meeting like a final game.When you’re in a big club, with quality players and under the shade of a classy manager, that’s why every game is very important.

You can not see some matches like the final, and the other team’s counter games are different. To me, every game is final, and I like this atmosphere, ”

2. Glad to Anfield

“Am I glad to go or come to Anfield ?, Of course the answer is yes.I am happy to meet Liverpool? Of course I like the stadium is amazing with great opponents.

All of that makes me excited, but the preparation to get there stay as usual, no striking difference. It’s just an ordinary match. This time I am happy because we come without load to Anfield.

3.Matic and Lukaku

“I believe from the start Matic and Lukaku will play the role according to the scheme.” Lukaku has a goal-scoring job and Matic is a typical midfielder who can represent Manchester United’s game.

Matic able to play a counterweight in the football system of Manchester United. Matic is very important to us. Related to tearing the opponent’s nets, we have a very strong number 9 since coming, ”

Source: ManUtd, Sky Sports

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