Aremania Launches “Let’s Singo” Coming Duel Against Persib

Aremania Launches “Let’s Singo” Coming Duel Against Persib

Bigmatch will be presented this weekend in advanced Liga 1. Arema FC will host Persib Bandung in the 19th week at Kanjuruhan Stadium, Malang, Saturday (08/12/2017).

Ahead of the hot game, appears a new chant or song from Aremania, Arema loyal supporters. The new Chant is a Spanish viral song titled Despacito which was changed to “Ayo Singo!”

The song titled “Ayo Singo” was dicover by Dimas Ramadan and uploaded Youtube Zeta Albajhero account on Tuesday (1/8/2017). Interestingly, the song’s lyrics contain several words that are attached to the world of Aremania.

“Initially the song I created only as a 30th anniversary gift of Arema’s year and also the encouragement for players to play fierce,” said Dimas was launched from the official website of Aremania.

Dimas says that he does not seek sensation, nor to seek popularity, but purely from the call of his soul to provide support to Arema. He also hopes that Arema’s dualism will come to an end.

“It’s been the last year of dualism, for the harmony and unity of Arek Malang and Aremania all over the world, I hope that this video can inspire everything,” added Dimas.

Until this news has been made, the dance-hip hop music video has already seen over 7,500 netizens. The song is at once a testament to the endless creativity of Aremania.

As is known Arema will be the 30th anniversary of this Agsutus month. Will the song “Ayo Singo” sung in the match entertain Persib Bandung? Let’s wait.

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