Improved Transfer Series to Premier League

Improved Transfer Series to Premier League

Mainstay midfielder Nice Jean Michel Seri admits that he is dreaming of a transfer to the Premier League.

The Ivory Coast midfielder had been the target of a transfer from Barcelona, but the overly high price demands of the Nice side, made La Blaugrana decided to stop the hunt from the players.

Even so, his dream of playing for Europe’s top club, has still not been lost, with him now targeting a transfer to one of the Premier League’s big clubs.

“I want to be optimistic, and think that I still have options,” the Ivory Coast midfielder told reporters. “I will let the two clubs speak quietly, and try to come to an agreement.”

“We’re not talking about any club, where you just want to move for money.”

“I want to move to top European clubs, like Juventus, PSG, Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool …”

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