Return to Brazil, Patrick da Silva Confirm Will Return to Indonesia

Return to Brazil, Patrick da Silva Confirm Will Return to Indonesia

Persegres Gresik United mainstay striker, Patrick da Silva, finally decided to return to his home country, Brazil

However, he insisted he would return to Indonesia.

The attacker was born March 26, 1985 is indeed known to be injured, which makes it absent to strengthen Persegres in the League 1 competition in the last few games.

“Thanks to my friends in Gresik and Indonesia, starting from the clubs and supporters who have trusted me for the last two years,” Patrick said, as written in his Instagram account.

“I decided to return to Brazil, not because I was seriously injured, I just wanted to restore and refresh the new atmosphere with my family in Brazil,” he said.

Patrick also insisted he would return to graze in national football, although he did not reveal clearly to which club would be anchored.

“I am going to go back to Indonesia, that’s for sure, I respect and always fight more than 100 percent for Gresik and soccer Indonesia Thank you once again my brother,” he said.

Media officer Persegres, Sahlul Fahmi, also confirmed that Patrick is no longer with Laskar Joko Samudro team because it has decided to return to Brazil for injury recovery experienced.

“Patrick is not seriously injured, just need a recovery in Brazil because his family is there to help him, he needs a new situation to refresh by meeting his family who has been left for almost a year,” Sahlul said.

In the continued competition of League 1, Persegres which has been determined to be relegated, will melakoni next game in the series of the 29th week with a visit to the headquarters of Persija Jakarta on Saturday (14/10/2017) future.

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