Techniques of counting cards in Blackjack

Counting of cards  – logic continuation of base strategy of game in Black Jack. For this purpose the photographic memory or a scientific degree of the mathematician is not required to you. Though, the first strategy of game have been developed by mathematicians, counting not such and difficult. The most difficult  – not to be removed of a casino for too big prizes netent slots.

Strategy of counting of cards is based on probabilities, and the account of all cards in a game pack or packs. There is at this strategy, however, a small defect: after several distributions the dealer dumps the remained not played cards, and the following distribution can already be carried out from anew mixed pack. Before the dealer will reshuffle the card dumped thus there can be a good few, if not three quarters of all cards. It means that among the dumped there could be those cards which bore advantage to the player. And on which your strategy of counting of cards relied. The system of counting of cards considers probability of delivery of a card in cost in 10 points only on the basis of the cards which are still being in a pack. The most general and simple system of counting appropriates to cards in a pack certain value:

All cards from the two to six matter +1.

All cards from tens to assess matter-1.

The seven, the eights and the nine matter 0.

As the player sees played (and subsequently dumped) a card, it puts values of these cards. At a starting point equal 0, this current account can accept both negative, and positive values. If the first distribution from a pack has the two (+1), the nine (0), the king (-1), an as (-1), to ten (-1) and jack (-1), the current account will be-3 (a minus three).

The above there will be a current account, the more than younger cards has been played that means higher percent of the senior cards in a pack. Why it is important for us? Recollect that the system of base strategy is based on the assumption that the following card will appear in cost in 10 points. If you know that the percent of the senior cards in a pack becomes above, than usually,  this assumption – so also all strategy as a whole – becomes more effective.

Influence of the account of cards on base strategy in Black Jack

As counting of cards changes rules of the basic strategy? And it also does not change them. The only thing that it changes is the size of your rate.

The typical system player, i.e. the one who uses system of counting of cards, does the minimum rate, when game only begin. When the current account reaches certain level, for example +4 and above, the player considerably increases the rate or conducts aggressive game on doubling of rates. The above the abacus, the above there should be your rate. The counter uses this information for benefit extraction in Black Jack, gaining a victory-other on large rates, while a pack that is called, hot. If the account falls below zero or the pack is reshuffled, the counter comes back to the minimum rate.