The game James Rodriguez is rated Limited and Easy to Read

The game James Rodriguez is rated Limited and Easy to Read

Munich – The recruitment of James Rodriguez by Bayern Munich cynically responded. The former Real Madrid was judged to have little option in the game.

Rodriguez borrowed Bayern for two seasons from Madrid this summer. He could be considered a filler hole left by Douglas Costa, who was released to Juventus shortly after Rodriguez’s arrival.

However, Rodriguez’s recruitment was received less positively by former Bayern sporting director Matthias Sammer. Sammer rate despite Rodriguez promising great creativity, but not suitable if placed on the wing.

The 26-year-old is judged to have no speed needed to poke into the byline. This character is different from Costa who is still more flexible, have the creativity to play in the middle and have the speed to play on the wing.

“He’s a bit limited, the variations sound interesting enough, but I can not really see that in him he can not play on the wings, so there’s a lack of speed,” Sammer told Eurosport.

“He has a lot of creativity in his game, can move from wing to center, but to get to the byline he has no speed.”

“It makes sense that he is someone who plays in the middle, behind the attacker, but it can also be counterproductive, because the defensive midfielder can then focus on him.”

“If you follow him constantly, he will not have many possibilities to free himself,” he said as quoted Soccerway.

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