Online and Mobile Slots: Getting Popularity With Big Winners

Online casinos have been around for almost 20 years and have recently gained great popularity and new users in the last five or six years. Every day, thousands of people join the hobby of online casinos and earn a lot of money. However, over the years there have been several outstanding winners who won great prizes in online tournaments. It seemed that online casinos do not bring profit, all jackpots win very often, but when they do, the potential to win can be huge. Although online casino players do not usually publish much personal information when they win, here are some of the big winners that came out of online casinos that are much richer than when they entered. Since online gambling is causing a big increase such as recently, it would be logical that most of the big winners are at present. The more people play, the more money they can earn, so there will be some of the most recent winners on this list.


One of the most notable tournaments that could be talked about was the Grand Slam of Slots of Micro Saming One Million Euros, which ended last year. It took place at the beginning of November around 8 pm. The boat was taken by a player named Pattoned, but there were no other details about his personal life. He took home a giant pool of almost 1.3 million euros. It was one of the largest cash funds of online tournaments ever held online. In addition to the main pool, the first prize was awarded for an amount of 1 million euros and about 300,000 euros in prizes. Pattoned is one of the best Betway players, he showed it in the tournament and took home many prizes.

Diego S.

Although the 1.3 million euro jackpot cannot be compared to others, there are other recent winners in the online casino that deserve attention. Last week, Italian Diego S. won the Mega Moolah slot with a progressive 5-reel bonus and won more than 10,000 euros this weekend. He started using online gambling only in December 2009, but he had already saved a lot of profits and money. People like Diego are the ones who give us hope when it comes to online gambling.

Adrian K.

Another great example of a great winner is Adrian K. He won over $ 40,000 for a weekend playing two different slot machines. He played Nutty Squirrel and Witch Dr. Slot, and that was enough to take him to wealth in a matter of minutes.


There were many other big winners in online casinos, but collecting information about them is very difficult due to the severe restrictions that casinos have on the protection of privacy. One thing is certain: large amounts of money can be crazy due to online gambling, and this is happening more and more as popularity increases.

Best Steps in Better Bookmaking in Betting

Before you take any action at any of the bookmaking sites, first think about why you want to bet and what emotion is generated inside you while doing it. The points listed below are the main and perhaps the most important recommendations that each new player should read before starting.

Basic recommendations for all those who are just starting out in the betting world

Learn more about betting

You cannot just play a sport or watch 1-2 matches on TV to start playing professionally on the games in question. Otherwise you will just throw your money in the garbage. You need time and effort to learn the rules in the various sports. The internet is full of detailed information about them and you only need time to explore it. Naturally, you have to trust authoritative sources. Check out friends who have been playing for quite some time in various online bookmakers, even without success. The experience is mistaken, and you can take it from the experiences of your acquaintances. Better details are there now with P2Play.

Look around for the best deal you have on the market

Search for a good offer from bookmakers more and more online bookmakers are fighting for new customers with really great promotions. On sites like ours you can see ratings of the most popular bookmakers in Bulgaria and the promotions and bonuses they offer. They are differently handy for different types of players, but generally for recruits, most offer really secure offers and a good start. Compare the size of the bonuses, how easy it is to scroll to download. Check out what promotions the site offers for already registered customers. See where you can watch the most live events. Which have the best live and betting platform? Where they limit the least accounts and work with the least profits. And then choose what you think best suits you.

Check where you are strongest

Although you can become a fan of casino gaming on the site or poker, find out if your knowledge is not the most developed in sports betting, for example. Or in electronic sports? It is important to optimize your chances of winning, and this only happens if you are more inward with the information. Many slot games seem more exciting to bet on a hockey match, for example, but often the hockey game is much more profitable as it does not depend on a random spin. You may be a fan of football, but if you find that you know much more about the outcome of NBA matches, head in that direction and continue to grow. Develop your strengths to be really competitive with bookmakers and earn in the long run.

Make a budget strategy

Use the BBB system – which means Budget, Budget, and Budget. Watch your start account as a single capital as a new business venture. You need to make the budget so that you can spend some time with the resources available. Do not throw yourself without experience in betting huge amounts simply because of the thrill. Prepare yourself extremely carefully, so you will reduce your losses and increase your chances of winning. You will avoid the disappointment of a huge loss at the start that can provoke you to make another rash bet. You can start with a proven strategy based on the statistics, the different teams and their current performance. The best players have not only luck on their side. They have the experience and the bitterness of previous disappointments.