Who is Xiao Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact is a rich universe with unique characters and each with its own story. One of them is the mysterious and eternally silent Xiao. What is this hero that made people donate more? What is Xiao age, and what is his story?

The Legend of the Last Yaksha

Interestingly, Xiao Genshin Impact age is over a thousand years old, even though he looks like a 16-year-old boy. But before we understand this guy’s history, let’s look at the gaming universe’s history.

The universe’s history is conditionally divided into two periods: the period before the war of the Archons and the period after it, up to the events in Genshin Impact.

During the War of the Archon, the army of Morox consisted of many Yaksha warriors. And there were five strongest among them (great Yakshas):

  • Fouche
  • Indus
  • Fanan
  • Mina
  • Alatus (Golden-winged King).

Yakshi is one of the varieties of nature spirits. So what about Xiao?

His name means “Demon” in translation, and his real name is Alatus (translated from Latin as “winged”). In the legends of the Ancient World, that was the name of a dark spirit who had to endure much suffering.

His Character and History

During the entire Xiao Genshin age, he endured many trials. Having signed a contract with Morrox, Xiao became one of the strongest warriors in Li Yue. With his own hands, he helped the lord of the Stone to end the war and unite Li Yue under his protection.

Xiao is the only survivor of the Yaksha. Only he had the will and strength to endure the killer’s karma. Therefore, it can be said that Xiao is the strongest being.

People like Xiao are said to be “dead inside,” which is not surprising. In the end, terrible suffering gnaws at his soul; he cannot change it in any way, and even eternity cannot help him.

You probably noticed that this character has the same image and the same behavior model. He behaves like a warrior of few words who does not care about the mortal world.

And at the same time, Xiao makes it clear that somewhere in the depths of his soul, gentleness and sympathy are inherent. And although this hero does not admit it to himself, he is tired of loneliness and suffering. So, Xiao is a hero with a steel will, not only a will. He is one of the last ones left to protect Li Yue from the gods. His main motivation is to see happy people year after year.

Xiao is first encountered in the history of the traveler. It is interesting that he was one of the few heroes who made him donate to the game.

Now this charismatic character lives in the Wang Shu Inn and loves to eat local almond tofu. When Xiao age Genshin Impact comes to an end, he might say something like “Finally, that day has come.”